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Everyone needs to check out his or her PF balance Check without UAN Number from time to time. It may simply be to stay updated about their EPF account status or maybe for epf withdrawal purposes in case of an emergency. The money in your PF account, however, must not be treated as same as that in your savings account. There is a time constraint on it. This means you can withdraw only after a specified time-period.

In India, most of the service men and office-goers rely on their PF account for various benefits. In this article, we are going to learn about how you can check your PF balance check without uan number or EPF balance check with UAN number online. However, before we jump headfirst into that let us first be acquainted with a few terms that will come time and again in this article.

What is a PF [Provident Fund] or an EPF?

A PF or a Provident Fund (or an Employee’s Provident Fund or EPF) is an investment fund, where the investment is a result of monetary contribution from the employer, the employee and sometimes even the state. This lump sum of money is available to the PF holder after a certain period of time, say 10 years or after retirement.

In India, the Employees Provident Fund Organisation or the EPFO, under the Labour & Employment Ministry of the Indian Government, regulates the rules and regulations regarding a PF account. According to the EPFO, every organisation with more than 20 full-time employees is required to register under EPFO and all their employees are eligible for the EPF account.

Universal Account Number (UAN)

The UAN or the Universal Account Number is a 12-digit number, which is unique to every EPF account holder. This means that even if two persons work in the same department of the same organisation, they will have different UAN.

Earlier, employees had to change their accounts or rather shift them, every time they needed to change their companies. However, with the advent of technology came the UAN and with it, employees no longer need to go through the hustle of changing their EPF accounts. Now, there is only one UAN for all their EPF accounts. The UAN remains the same lifelong, irrespective of the organisation they are in.

There are a few benefits to be gained from the UAN. They are as follows:

How to check your PF balance check without UAN Number

Earlier, it was possible to check the EPF balance only once a year. However, with the UAN and EPFO’s member portal, you can know your PF balance check without UAN Number or PF Balance without UAN any time you want.

Well, there are a few ways to check your PF balance check without UAN Number or PF Balance without UAN. However, do keep in mind that you absolutely need to have an UAN in order to check, whether or not you use it. If you do not have a UAN, visit the UAN homepage and create one.

Let us now proceed into the matter at hand.

Know your PF balance without UAN

In cases when you have forgotten your UAN, or do not want to use it, you can still check your EPF balance check without uan number. There are two very simple ways by know your PF Balance UAN Number:

Check with an SMS:

  1. Type EPFOHO UAN "ENG" and send it to 7738-299-899;
  2. The letters ENG stands for the language English;
  3. In case you want to receive it in Gujrati, type "GUJ";
  4. You will receive the EPF balance in your preferred language along with your UAN number.

Check with a Missed Call:

Here is the table PF Balance without check UAN Number shows like this...

Member PassbookPF Balance
Establishment ID / NameGNGGN123456 Limited
Member ID / NameGNGGN123456 XYZ
Office Name(RO) Delhi
Employee Share40450.00
Employer Share8359.00

Checking your PF balance with UAN Number

You can check your EPF balance with UAN in two ways: either visit the EPFO Portal or from the UAN webpage. If you are working in an organization knowing the PF balance without uan become much more comfortable now. You can now check the EPF balance with UAN Number while just sitting at your home. There are several ways the Epf India official website can help, such as online passbook, withdraw funds using Universal Account Number, and so on.

Using the EPFO Portal:

  1. Have to visit the EPFO Portal; It is used for transaction services. You need to account tagged with the universal account number. You can even download the passbook online.
  2. You can check the EPFO member passbook at the
  3. You have to tap on the 'For Employees' under the 'Services'.
  4. You have to tap on the 'Member Passbook' under the 'Services'.
  5. Enter the UAN, password (created while creating your UAN) and the captcha that is shown and enter Submit;

If you want to access the password, then you have to make sure that the UAN number is activated. You have to use it with the password and to log on your passbook challenge. If you already enabled the UAN, then you need to add it. It is only available for the member ID as the pertains the exempted establishment.

From the UAN webpage:

One can gain some important benefits from his / her EPF account:

i. Tax Benefits:-

Under the Section 80C, of the Income Tax Act of the Govt. Of India, the contribution made by the employer to the EPF account is tax-free and the contribution of the employee towards the same is tax-deductable. This means that while calculating your income tax the employer’s contribution is never taken into account, whereas the employee’s contribution is deducted from the tax calculations. Again, under Section 80C, the interest rate on the EPF balance is also exempted from tax calculations.

ii. Insurance Benefits:-

A PF balance also has Insurance benefits. In case of an event of death of the insured person, the nominee chosen by that person will receive a lump sum of money from the EPF account of that person. This scheme was made in order to benefit the families of the employees, without any extra contributions on their side.

iii. Premature withdrawal options:-

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India, allows its members to make partial and premature withdrawals from their PF account, but only after 5-10 years of service. The only exception is in case of emergencies, be it medical or financial, like for example if the account holder was in an accident, or if he or she is unemployed.

iv. Lifelong Pension:-

According to the EPFO, the employer and employee both are required to make equal contributions to the EPF account. The employee contributes by sacrificing 12% of his or her basic salary, which is redirected to the EPF account. The employer contributes to the EPF account by adding the equal amount of money to the same. Apart from this, about 8.33% of the employer’s share is redirected to the Employee’s Pension Scheme or EPS.

PF Transfer Claim Status

Employee Provident Fund members had to wait without knowing the exact date of receiving their PF amount after submitting a PF transfer claim. Now everyone can easily tracking the PF Claim status online by visiting the official website of Epfindia. You can make use of the guide below to perform this action without encountering any difficulties. EPF members must have their Universal Account Number [UAN], EPF regional office of your employer and company code before getting their PF status online.

By visiting Epfindia website, you will get access to timely and efficient services without moving from your current location.


Thus, we have learned the meaning of a PF or an EPF account and its benefits. We also saw what an UAN is and how we can check our PF Balance check without Uan Number or EPF Balance without UAN. However, do keep in mind that checking your balance from the EPFO Portal using your UAN can become hectic sometimes in case the server is down. You can use mobile apps to check the same as well.

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